To God be all the Glory and Honor!
When reading scripture think sovereignty
Thank you for the rain
Clayton Parrish in remission, principal at Briarwood

Dr. Holmes’ cousin Harry, Australia, passed away
Connie Sivas soon to be with the Lord
Kathy Dupree is home, recuperating
Larry Chalker’s sister-in-law, Cindy Amerson, home, PT/rehab
Bob Lemley, recovering from stem cell procedure, 3 months isolation
Larry Giles in law (Michael) fell 15’ has paralysis from chest down, Shepherd Spinal in Atlanta for rehab, admitted Friday 6/14. PT and rehab for two months
Rose using walking stick and waiting for shoes to come in
Michael (Dusty) may bend but not twist leg for healing, 10 weeks
Larry Montgomery at Lake Crossing, lost use of legs
Ann Nordin’s son Michael has rheumatoid arthritis at 42, affecting work ability
Dan and Jan deKock sale of house in Wymberly (challenge:pray for sale within next 3 weeks)
Catherine Holmes cancer may have metastasized into her neck and chest.  In Seattle for appt. with specialist in June
Jim Fritz on lasix
Bob Adams for speedy recovery, follow Drs. instructions
Mitchell McCarty scan prognosis revised, cancer detected, CT scans every 6 mos., 6 years
Rita Hodgin has congestive heart failure and A fib, Jay on oxygen, heart rate higher
DeWayne and Pat Patrick-kidney problems

Jeff Brannen,
Pat Carr multiple myeloma,  
Dela Silvas,
Melanie Wightman (18),
Jim Wollner,
Al Adams,
Emily Callaway,
Samuel Donaldson -lymphoma
Kendall Hunter-lymphoma,
Chris Sloan,
Hewitt Dickerson,
Sherrie Edmunds,
Warren Whitaker lung cancer,
Dana Darden Martineau
Vera Rabun, In Thomson Manor.
Bob and Pat Eick

Long Term:
Marvin Toulson’s mother, Hilda, home
Emily Bebbington had good scan, small surgery then radiation
June Hattaway, Mike’s mother, resting well and well cared for
Shut-ins: Vera Rabun in Thomson Rehab esophagus and Bob and Pat Eick
Charles Johnson check up: no sign of transplant rejection!  Bonnie A fib causing shortness of breath
Bashir decision on vocation and employment
Children and grandchildren, Military and Country and salvation for the lost
Ann’s friends have been given six months to live:
     -Misti had tumor removed and large amount of fluid drained, recovering
     -Suzanne is a non-believer and lives in CA no treatment, struggling, trying to contact her
Ann’s shoulder, pray for complete healing, PT painful