To God be all the Glory and Honor!
 Rose McNeill in church last Sunday, Gretchen and Bob Adams, also
 Gheeslings are well and traveling

Rita Hodgin fluid around heart, home soon
Barbara Holmes scheduled for Pacemaker 2/21
Ann scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery next month, March 7
Jackie Horne diagnosed with angina but not critical
Amanda Skinner, Kathryn’s G’Daughter COVID
Laurie Hobbs still fighting cough, Betsy Lance stomach bug
Jerry Clark, Robyn Rutkowski’s fiancée, healing, cast and then boot
Charlotte second round of antibiotics and Jim Fritz still fighting cough
Christy reported Heather’s home and pray for complete healing
Rose has two friends Iva Chavis abdominal aneurysm and Carol Netherton heart aneurysm
Dela can feel heart strengthening. Next MUGA scan March 18
DeWayne and Pat Patrick

Jeff Brannen,
Pat Carr multiple myeloma,  
Dela Silvas,
Dr. MacDonell,
Dr. Bob Lemley diagnosed with lymphoma, WellStar for several weeks.
Melanie Wightman (18),
Jim Wollner,
Al Adams growth on pancreas,
Emily Callaway,
Samuel Donaldson.
Kendall Hunter-lymphoma,
Chris Sloan,
Hewitt Dickerson,
Samuel Donaldson Jr, 26 years old and fighting lymphoma. He has finished chemo and will now start radiation.
Linda Davis’ daughter Sherrie Edmunds has colon cancer (Lincolnton, GA)
Beckie Weimar’s friend Renee McFalls ovarian cancer (Gaffney, SC) chemo started
Ann’s friends have been given six months to live:
     -Misti is a believer and lives in the area
     -Suzanne is a non-believer and lives in CA, Ann visiting next month, February 15

Long Term:
Marvin Toulson’s mother, Hilda.  Long term rehab expected
Emily Bebbington started a fever and admitted to hospital (sepsis?).Carson will resume classes in January
 radiation and then hormone therapy.  
Cheyenne Kent, 21, making great progress, at home.
De Brown is at Ft Gregg-Adams VA. (Ft Lee) for advanced training. Pray for his family and for his safety in training.
Charles Johnson scheduled for eye surgery 1/12, Bonnie doing as much as she can tolerate, some days better than others.

Shut-ins: Vera Rabun, Eicks and JoAnn Henderson-with son Eddie in Blairsville, Mrs. Inez Nichols at Lake Crossing-no desire to eat,
June Hattaway, Mike's mother, preparing to go Home
Unspoken prayer requests
Children and grandchildren,
Military and Country
Salvation for the lost