To God be all the Glory and Honor!  
Kari Callaway back at work and playing piano


Kathy Dupree has Covid
Terry Ashcraft (works with Kim New) having wrist surgery both hands 10/3
Connie Sivas recuperating from surgery.
Jimmy’s brother-in-law injured leg
Gary and Catherine Holmes new assignment-Japan.  Pray for good transition.  Upcoming surgery on October 12
Rose McNeill surgery went well and now at Walton Rehab for PT
Jay Hodgin for strength
Charlotte Fritz daughter, Mary, left eye healing well, still waiting for dilation evaluation.  Charlotte’s friend Alice (91) has pancreatic cancer, home with hospice. Terrie congestive heart failure, procedure Thursday 9/28
Adams’ granddaughter, Raquel, in graduate school needing Christian classmates to bond with
Ann Nordin back pain comes in waves
Dela had scan 9/15 to measure blood flow-waiting for results, David some relief with shots
Jim Wollner cancer has returned, tests to locate site(s) scheduled for August
DeWayne and Pat Patrick use cell number
Jim Fritz low BP adjusting medication
Mrs. Inez Nichols at Lake Crossing-no desire to eat
Carson Galloway, (Vickie and John’s grandson). Arm surgery imminent also nerve problems
Charles has requested a “wonder drug” that will accelerate his eye repair.  Cornea transplant will then be done to hopefully restore his vision.  Bonnie’s autoimmune getting treatment but reacting to drugs.  Must wait in line for Specialist in immunity disorders.
Jim Wollner cancer has returned.
Jeff Brannen 3 month checkups
Pat Carr multiple myeloma
Dela Silvas Finished Chemo,  prepares for radiation.
Elaine Bales
Skeet Reeves-next chemo
Dr. MacDonell
Melanie Wightman
Clayton Parrish chemo -iron infusion working
Long Term:
Shut-ins: Vera Rabun, Eicks and JoAnn Henderson-with son Eddie in Blairsville, Mrs. Inez Nichols at Lake Crossing-no desire to eat,
June Hattaway, Mikes’ mother, preparing to go Home
Bashir and green card status.
Unspoken prayer requests
Children and grandchildren,
Military and Country
Salvation for the lost