Jim Fritz is Home, wearing life shock vest.

Rose is back in Church



Unspoken requests

Luna Cross, autistic 3 year old.

John Bebbington Recovery from Surgery.

Pat Patrick diverticulitis.

Hollie Cross High heart rate, sent home from hospital.

Jay Hodgens is still fighting Fatigue

Rose is Improving back in Church.

Justin Gilstrap recovering at home.

Charlotte 2/28 Stress test, CAT Scan.

Cathy Having issues with her diabetes

Connie Sivas recovering

Ruth Herkel swollen left arm..

Christy in California and the rising cost of power and heating

Children Praying for their Parents Ed and Linda

Skeet Reeves pain remediation.


Jeff Brannen, on 3 Month check ups

Pat Carr, needs anouther round of treatments

Annette Sturkey hospice

Anna Williams had encouraging tests, a few more are needed

TPC Shut-ins:

Vera Rabun, Eicks, JoAnn is with her son Eddie, Inez Nichols at Lake Crossing with loss of appetite.

Long Term:

Dr Holmes and Ms. Barbara Health, energy, safety as the minister to us.

Bonnie and Charles Johnson

June Hattaway Stable back at Augusta Gardens.

Basir green card status

Our Military and Country

Salvation for the lost

Christians in Afghanistan and Ukraine

Our children and grandchildren